About Anthony L. Fisher

My name is Anthony L. Fisher and I am a digital communications specialist with director-level leadership and project
management experience who has served in various creative, communications, marketing and technical capacities. Throughout my career, I have served as creative director, web director, interactive designer, business analyst, presentation specialist, web designer, graphic designer, media designer, business owner and teacher.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art (with an emphasis in Graphic Design) and a Master of Education degree in Educational
Technology. My most recent positions of employment were Web Director and Creative Director for the University of Redlands and
Director of Interactive Design & New Media Production for Claremont McKenna College.

As you get to know me, you will find that I am a passionate individual bringing creative ideas to conversations that require strategic thinking, problem-solving and effective communications. I work well with people but also have the ability and experience to work autonomously. I care about my work and the people I work with. I consider myself a leader and a problem-solver. I am a lifelong learner and constantly strive to be a champion to issues that require leadership and vision, while also encouraging and developing teams to perform at their highest level. I say this confidently because this is what I expect of myself.

My career, vocational interests and life’s work live within the disciplines of education, creativity, web, communications and technology. As a matter of fact, I have spent 20 years specializing and serving in these disciplines in an integrated way and have dedicated my time and talents to transforming the brands of organizations and individuals on a global scale. Even the work I do today speaks to this truth.

I also work with individuals and businesses seeking the motivation, methods, and strategies to present themselves most powerfully to the world. I service leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, experts, creatives, and individuals who have a passion, desire, and calling in their life to define an authentic leadership brand that will present themselves most powerfully to the audience that needs their service.

As a Personal Brand Coach, Life Purpose/Career Coach, Speaker, Author, Graphic/Web Designer, Presentation Designer and Communication Specialists, I am passionately excited to share my experience and knowledge to help individuals like you fulfill your potential and find clarity and satisfaction in your life’s calling.